Houseboats on the Red River

Houseboats on the Red River

The objective of the Project is to raise income for poor households living by rivers.

The Project provides funds to communes to set up credit schemes assisting people to purchase breeding fish, construct fish cages and train in fish raising techniques.

This project targets a small community of river dwelling families, who have been living on house boats on the large Red River in northern Vietnam. Until recently, most of these families did not own any farm land and were hence forced to make their humble living from river-related resources.

This project aims to provide poor river dwelling families with the means to generate an income by raising fish. The families are provided with a loan as start-up capital to build a wooden fish cage and to purchase a number of small fish for raising. In the running river water, these fish grow to a respectable size of several kilograms and can then be sold to restaurants for a good profit.  

After 2 years, the initial loan will be paid back to the project. The repaid loan will then be re-invested either in an expansion of the project or in a new development project.

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